Armed Patrol Officer
Arcadia Security & Patrol, Inc.

Entry Level Officer: $14.75-$15.50 per hour
An entry level officer is an officer that has security experience, is currently certified to the minimum level of Unarmed with DPSST or PILB and may have 1 or 2 years of security patrol experience.

Lateral Officer: $15.75-$16.75 per hour
A lateral officer is an officer that has a minimum of 2 years security patrol experience with what ASAP considers to be a reputable and legitimate security company, and possesses a current Armed certification with DPSST or PILB. Applicants that are former reserve police officers, or those that have been through a recognized police academy also qualify as a lateral applicant.

Current Reserve or Full Time Police Officer: $18.75-$19.75 per hour
To qualify for this starting wage, an applicant must either be an active and current Reserve Police Officer with a law enforcement agency in the Portland/Vancouver or Las Vegas Metro Area, or an active and current Full Time Police Officer looking for part-time work.

Wages detailed above are “starting wages”. All employees start on a 90 day probation. After 90 days officers receive their 1st performance review and are eligible for their first pay increase. A second performance review is conducted after 180 days, where officers are eligible for a 2nd pay increase. Upon completion of an officers first year of employment, a third performance review is conducted, and officers are eligible for a 3rd pay increase. Additional reviews are performed yearly on an officers anniversary date of hire.

Arcadia Security & Patrol (ASAP) is looking to fill open full-time Armed Patrol Officer positions (40+ hours per week)
Applicants will be required to posses or obtain Armed Officer certifications from Oregon DPSST, Washington DOL and/or Nevada PILB. ASAP has in-house instructors for those that need to obtain, re-new or upgrade their certification(s).

*Applicants MUST have and maintain a professional appearance
*Able to communicate effectively both orally and in written reports
*Pro-Active, analyze problems within their assigned district, enforce policies, rules, laws and ordinances with thought quickly and calmly while keeping our goal of being customer service oriented in mind
*Collect evidence, take photographs, issue citations, navigate a Mobile Date Terminal and use basic Microsoft applications
*Able to contact subjects and use good judgment and common sense in high pressure situations as an individual or with another officer
*Work independently and as part of a team to accomplish company goals and service company clients as required
*Be professional during contacts with clients, law enforcement and the general public at all times
*Able to work in diverse communities and environments with no prejudice or preconceptions
*Must be able to follow instructions detailed during briefs and outlined in property instructions through an MDT
*General knowledge of local, county, state and federal ordinances that govern enforcement activities
*Ability to multi-task, using a radio or other communications equipment while operating a motor vehicle

ASAP provides all Patrol Officers with complete 5.11 Tactical Uniforms and a Custom Metal Badge, along with a Uniform Maintenance Allowance. Employees are responsible for providing their own gear, to include (but not limited to) Bullet Proof Vest and Carrier (internal or approved external), Firearm, OC Spray, Baton, Taser, Handcuffs, etc. All gear must be first inspected and approved by ASAP management before use.

This position will require the physical ability to enter and exit a vehicle over 50 times each shift, walk up and down several flights of steps throughout a shift, walk at brisk paces for up to several total mikes or at times run, drive a patrol car for up to or over 10+ hours per shift, and for you to be able to physically defend yourself in the event of an altercation.

Shifts are 10.5 hours during Evening Hours
General Location of Work: Portland/Vancouver or Las Vegas Metro Area

Minimum Level of Education: High School Diploma or GED (will be required to produce at interview)
Minimum Age: 21 years old
Possess a Clean and Valid Class C Drivers License from Oregon, Washington or Nevada.
Ability to Pass a Pre-Employment and Random Drug Tests (employee use of marijuana is prohibited)
Entry Level: 1 year of Security Patrol with a Legitimate Security Company
Minimum Certification: Unarmed DPSST and/or WA DOL or PILB
Tobacco Free (we are a smoke and tobacco free company)

Medical Insurance (80% Paid by ASAP)
Dental Insurance (50% Paid by ASAP)
Holiday Pay
PTO (Paid Time Off)
Fitness Facility
Company Paid for Training & Certification
Paid Field Training (FTO)
Use of Company In-Door Range Membership
Uniform Maintenance Allowance
Employee Incentives & Referral Bonuses
Equipment Purchase Assistance

Verbal Judo
OC Spray Application
ASP Expandable Baton
Taser Deployment (X26/X2)
Defensive Tactics
Armed & Unarmed Officer – DPSST, WA DOL and/or PILB