Just some of the more typical services our Force Security (PMC) division provides:

  • Personal Protection
    (Celebrities, Diplomats, Executives)
  • Private Military Support and Operations
  • Department of Defense Facilities
  • Chemical & Energy Plant Security
  • Money and Property Escorts
  • Law Enforcement Training
  • Workplace Violence Prevention & Response
  • Risk Assessments & Consulting

The above list of services are not all inclusive. If you are looking for a specific service that you do not see listed or a specific service that you want to discuss with a professional, please contact our office.

The Force Security Services (PMC) division of Arcadia Security & Patrol specializes in providing Corporations, Government Agencies, Private Individuals, Business Executives and the Celebrity Community with security services that involve high risk potentials that require specialized training and experience. These officers are specifically trained in providing Personal/Asset Protection and support services to Military operations both foreign and domestic.

Unlike most security providers, our officers are actually trained and experienced in the services we task them with and are not just some security “guard” from a generic one or two man security company claiming to be able to provide what you need. The services provided by this unit are done so with actual operatives who are battle proven and have operated both domestically and internationally.

Before selecting a company to provide any specialized security or protection services, ensure you have vetted them correctly and that they actually have the training, personnel and experience to provide what it is you need done!