Arcadia’s Patrol Division provides services to vast amounts of business and industry and was designed to meet the needs and requirements that any client may have. We talk with our clients and learn what the needs are of each individual property they have and then we offer a solution to provide the best possible services at the some of the best and most competitive rates in the industry.

We understand that our clients have put a lot of time, hard work and money in to making their businesses the best they can. To that effect, we feel that when you are looking for a Security Provider to partner with, you need to look for a company that values and embodies what it is you want the general public to perceive of you. Arcadia Security & Patrol has striven to be an industry leader in providing the best possible training, uniforms, equipment and vehicles on the market today. Investing more of each dollar we make back in to our company and our employees to ensure a clear difference between us and the next company right away with just a quick look.

Like every other security company you will ever find, we don’t just claim to be the best, we prove it every day in our product, services and our people. At Arcadia Security & Patrol we understand there are many choices when choosing a security provider so we assure our clients the best product possible and our product is our employees. Arcadia Security & Patrol is a trail blazer when it comes to employee wages. We find ourselves being amongst the highest paying security employer in every market we service, thus allowing our staff to maintain a career, rather than a job, which in most cases is unheard of for security professionals.

Every Arcadia patrol vehicle is outfitted with a Mobile Data Terminal (MDT). This MDT is much more than just a laptop with Microsoft programs. Arcadia maintains a proprietary program used by officers in the field to access confidential property information, recall previous contacts and reports and maintains the ability to run names against our systems for previously trespassed or arrested subjects or even previously cited vehicles. Using the MDT, officers generate their reports for a clean, typed and professional look for our clients.

In addition to our MDT’s, each vehicle is outfitted with radio communications, vehicle warning lights, GPS for officers to navigate to client properties, a built in vehicle GPS system that allows Arcadia dispatch to monitor each officers location, direction of travel, speed and driving habits. Arcadia management can then recall this information for clients if there is a question about patrol times or how long an officer was on a property. In addition, all vehicles are equipped with Dash Cameras. These cameras give is video evidence of any potential vehicle collision that may occur on or off of a clients property.

With our in-house Dispatchers using state-of-the-art terminals, the Arcadia Security & Patrol team is equiped to provide every client with the look, feel and actual service of the best private security available.