OREGON (DPSST) Department of Public Safety Standards & Training
WASHINGTON (DOL) Department of Licensing / Security
NEVADA (PILB) Private Investigators Licensing Board

Unarmed Security Professional

Armed Security Professional

Unarmed classes for Oregon & Washington are held on a semi-monthly basis. Armed classes for Oregon, Washington & Nevada are held once per quarter. These classes are available to persons wishing to obtain a new certification or for those who are in need of renewing their current certification or are in need of their annual armed refresher.

For those who want to become a certified instructor or wish to obtain an Executive Manager or Supervisory Manager License for Oregon, you must contact DPSST directly to obtain the State class schedule.

Those employed by Arcadia will receive additional training and certification in additional disciplines at not cost. All training is provided by actual certified and/or licensed trainers in each discipline. These courses are not made up by individuals that believe they can teach other officers.

Instructors maintain an “Instructor Certification” from corporations such as ASP,, Safariland & Axon (Taser International) just to name a few. Upon successful completion of training, officers will receive an actual certificate validating their training from the course instructor.

For more information on class dates for NV PILB, WA DOL & OR DPSST Certification, times and fees please e-mail us at

Classes are not available to other security companies in an Arcadia Security market but are available to individual security professionals. Large class attendance discounts are available for groups that sign up at the same time. For out of service area persons, or companies wishing to hold a large class, instructors are available for travel.

Please e-mail your special request detailing if you are seeking NV PILB, WA DOL or OR DPSST training and a proposal of service will be sent back to you including all fees and requirements.